Pocket Watch Repairs & Restoration Minneapolis MN

At Johantgen Jewelers our watchmakers are enthusiastic about pocket watches, having extensive experience restoring and repairing both Swiss and American pocket watches. Whether vintage, antique or modern, our goal is to return your pocket watch to its original functioning condition. We take pride in restoring or repairing these delicate timepieces, and all of our watch repairs are fully guaranteed.

Pocket Watch Cleaning & Lubrication

Though your pocket watch may be running, any accumulation of dust and dirt can throw the delicate mechanisms of the watch out of sync.  Often times a cleaning is all that is necessary to leave your watch in good running order. At Johantgen Jewelers we offer a complete clean, oil and adjust service in which we:

  • Disassemble the watch
  • Inspect all parts
  • Clean all parts
  • Special cleaning for balance wheel and hairspring
  • Demagnetize
  • Regulate the watches timekeeping
  • Clean and polish if desired

Original & Vintage Pocket Watch Parts

At our shop we maintain an extensive parts inventory and are connected with suppliers of original and vintage parts. When necessary we will even go to the measure of making some parts by hand. If you have been told your pocket watch cannot be repaired due to parts not being available come see us. We have many pleased customers who are surprised when we do have the correct part to bring their beautiful pocket watch to life.

Your Pocket Watch Expert

Johantgen Jewelers is your pocket watch expert. Stop in today and let our expert watchmakers return your pocket watch to its best possible condition. Or if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 763-537-7233.