Full-Service Jewelry Store In Minneapolis MN Suburbs

Full-Service Jewelry Store In Minneapolis MN SuburbsJewelry is an adornment almost as old as humanity itself. It can come in many different styles from a statement piece to a more subtle look. Perhaps most important, it can be anything in between those extremes. Johantgen Jewelers have been creating, repairing, and appraising jewelry for well over a century. Since 1896, in fact, we have made ourselves an essential part of our beloved Crystal, Minnesota community

Local Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Moms deserve recognition and thanks every day, but Mother’s Day is a good excuse to simply spoil them! Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8th this year. There is a little time left to prepare! Whether you are shopping for your own mom, picking out the perfect gift for the mother of your children, or making a wish list for yourself, we have Mother’s Day gifts she will love