Watch Cleaning & Servicing Minneapolis

Think of cleaning and servicing your watch like you think of doing regular necessary maintenance on your car. Regular maintenance prevents problems, and once a problem is present the damage is already done and may be irreversible with out replacing a part or multiple parts.  Though there is the crowd out there that believe “IF IT ISN’T BROKEN, DON’T FIX IT.”  It all boils down to whether or not regular servicing outweighs the cost of a part (or multiple parts), which we at Johantgen Jewelers believe it does.

In essence, watch cleaning and servicing involves taking it apart, re-oiling, and cleaning where needed to prevent the wearing of parts and replacing old oil and grease  with new.  An initial worn part can lead to the damage of others, and down the path of a  full blown watch overhaul and restoration one can easily go.  Also if you have an antique watch finding parts can become a challenge to say the least.

The Rolex watch manual states that a service on your timepiece is warranted every 3-5 years and at Johantgen Jewelers our watch specialists certainly recommend having your watch cleaned and serviced every 3-5  years as well.   At the very least you definitely should not go more than 6-8 years depending on use and conditions.  If you are in need of watch repair, and / or watch restoration we are capable and excited to help clients with that as well!  Let us be of service and stop into our Minneapolis store today in the Crystal Shopping center or simply give us a call with any questions.

***Below is a very good example of extreme dirt and grime in a watch from lack of proper timely cleaning and/or service. ***

Look at how dirty the mainspring and barrel and arbor are in this Seiko automatic, date watch. ( this is 1 example of may such problems )