Jewelry Inspection Service Minneapolis

The heart breaking story of a lost stone or piece of jewelry is something we unfortunately hear too often come into our Minneapolis shop. Nobody wants to look down and see a diamond missing from their ring, a bracelet no longer on their wrist, or a pendant lost due to a broken chain. Regular and thorough inspection of ones jewelry done by a professional offers peace of mind and is truthfully quite affordable (or free is the jewelry was purchased from us!)

At Johantgen Jewelers we guarantee a throughout jewelry inspection to diagnose any wear or erosion that may be developing. If we do find any wear or erosion, proper preventative maintenance or jewelry repair will be recommended by one of our professionals. Whether it be repairing a clasp or tightening a prong, a bit of maintenance can go a long way in preventing loss.

Stop into our store today to have your jewelry inspected and your mind rested!