What Makes a Watch Valuable?

Watches are our passion here at Johantgen Jewelers, and we love sharing our knowledge and information with clients. No question is too simple or too absurd, and today we are going to share ‘What makes a watch valuable?’. Here are the top 5 primary factors that all work together when assessing the value of a watch:

  1. Brands – Certain brands speak for themselves and fetch a held premium on the market. Rolex for example is marketed as a luxury watch, where as a Seiko is often an affordable watch brand.
  2.  Model – Rare, limited edition, or one-of-a-kind models are more valuable than models that are in high supply.
  3. Condition – The better the condition of a timepiece, the more it is worth. Watch repairs themselves can vary dramatically in costs.
  4. Date of Manufacture – Watches have been around for decades now and antique models can fetch a pretty penny on the market.
  5. Market Conditions – Styles and brands do fluctuate which certainly plays a role. Depending on what is in high demand, the value of a particular watch can fluctuate.

Whether in the market for a new watch yourself or just curious what your timepiece is worth our professionals would love to assist! Simply give us a call or stop into our shop today.