Antique Jewelry Repairs & Restorations


Having been in business since 1896, we might know a thing or two about antique jewelry and are a Minneapolis jeweler you can trust. We get excited when a fine old piece finds its way into our shop! Jewelry itself is exposed to physical stress and abuse when worn and easily enough can fall victim to the ravages of time.

When it comes to repairs and restorations our goal is to preserve all the work that is good, repair or restore what is missing or broken and re-create what is appropriate. All done in a manner so the new work blends seamlessly with the original and is difficult to detect.

A common mistake we see is 21st century aesthetics applied to the redesign of elements missing. We take pride in learning about the time period in which the antique jewelry comes from, allowing us to create accurate representations that hold true to the pieces style.

Whether a family heirloom or a piece from history, we at Johantgen Jewelers would be thrilled to assess how we can help you with your antique jewelry repairs. Give us a call today at 763-537-7233 or come visit us in person!