Mother’s Jewelry a Family Tradition that lasts a Lifetime!

You can find a chart of what month and what birthstone for your month and what color that birthstone is.
January –   Garnet – Burgundy  (deep reddish wine)
February – Amethyst – Purple
March –      Aquamarine – Light aqua blue
April-          Diamond- Clear brilliant
May-           Emerald – Medium Green – green blue
June –         Alexandrite – Purple/ teal blue 
July-            Ruby- Bright Red
August-     Peridot- Light Green
September- Sapphire- Royal blue
October-      Opal- White luster
October (2)-  Pink Tourmaline or Pink Sapphire 
November- Citrine-Precious Topaz – Golden yellow 
December-   Blue Zircon – Blue green color