Link Watch Band Repair

From simply keeping track of time to completing the look of an outfit, watches are one accessory with multiple purposes. With their multiple purposes comes multiple styles, in which a watches band plays a huge role in its overall aesthetic. Leather may come to mind first, but link bands certainly hold their own ground in the watch market.

One big win with link bands is your options in terms of material. Stainless steel, gold, titanium and wood are all common materials used, each having its own unique feel. Aside from material comes the actual link type. There are a few different types of link bands including:

  • Oyster (top left): a classic band and the most popular type of link strap.  It’s thick center link makes it durable with few breaking points.  This band is three links in width, making it more stiff than other types of link bands.  This type of band can also be made out of wood for a more casual and unique look.
  • President (2nd from left): similar to oyster link with the same three-link width, but has more individual links overall because the links are shorter in length.  This band is not as durable, but is more formal than the oyster style.
  • Jubilee (2nd from right): this band is comprised of three narrow links in between thick, matte-finished side links.  It can sometimes come two-toned, adding some formality to this style.
  • Engineer (right): a chunky band that is five large links in width.  The links are sometimes angular and this band tends to be on the heavier side.

If you have had the misfortune of a broken or damaged watch band look no further. Johantgen Jewelers is your watch expert and offers watch repair in Minneapolis. No matter the material or style of your link band, we would love to take a look at your timepiece! Give us a call at 763.537.7233 or come visit us in person today.