Competitive Jewelry Appraisals

Competitive Jewelry AppraisalsLooking to find the most competitive jewelry appraisals around the Minneapolis, MN area? Look no further than Johantgen Jewelers for all of your jewelry appraisal needs. Whether it is gold, diamonds, rings, earrings or watches, you’ll receive a competitive offer from our appraisal staff. So, rather than letting that unused jewelry collect dust, bring it by our jewelry store for a thorough evaluation.

Experienced Jewelry Appraisers For Insurance

To say that our team of jewelers has a lot of experience would be an understatement. You’ll be hard pressed to find any jewelers around Minneapolis with the amount of experience as Johantgen Jewelers. As a family owned and operated business, we have been around since 1896 and providing insurance quality documentaion for our clients the whole time. With more than a century of experience handling jewelry, we’re able to provide the most competitive and accurate jewelry appraisals in the area.

In-Store Jewelry Appraisals

Our jewelry appraisals are handled in-store, so clients are able to find out the value of their jewelry quickly. Once you stop by our jewelry store for an appraisal, one of our appraisal experts will thoroughly inspect your jewelry and any additional documentation that you have. This appraisal will account for the current competitive retail prices around. We will also identify the brand names, serial numbers, model numbers or any other identifying manufacturer’s marks on the jewelry. Once our in-store appraisal is complete, we will provide you with a detailed report that breaks down your competitive appraisal, including pictures and diagrams.

Looking to Get A Jewlery Apprasial And Maybe Sell It

If you are not satisfied with the appraisal that you receive, we will not hassle you into making a sale. We understand that the jewelry you have may be difficult to part ways with. Just know that the appraisal you receive will be extremely competitive and if you need more time to decide on whether you want to part ways with your jewelry, that is totally fine. Whenever you find that you are ready to sell your jewelry, our committed team will be here willing and ready to purchase your jewelry at a great price.

If you are trying to find a jewelry appraisal in Minnesota to get your jewelry evaluated, the only place to consider is Johantgen Jewelers. With more than 100 years of experience, our appraisal experts have mastered the appraisal process. We are proud to offer no hassle in-store jewelry appraisals. To schedule an appraisal with our team, give us a call today at (763) 537-7233 or email