Mothers Day Jewelry

Mothers Day JewelryMother’s Day is literally days away. Don’t be left asking yourself when mother’s day is this year.   May 13th to be exact. Mothers (and wives) do so much for you, so don’t let the one day that devoted strictly to her go unappreciated. Below are some gift ideas for Moms!

  • Mothers Rings. These are special rings with multiple stones. For instance if you have 3 kids, you’d get each of their birthstones. So if your children are born in September, April, and July then you’d get a ring with a Sapphire, Diamond, and a Ruby.
  • Mothers Necklace. This pretty much the same as a mother’s ring, but nowadays people usually get a simple pendant. It becomes hard to color coordinate multi colored stones with a wardrobe. This is also a very popular gift for new moms. Moms to be or first time mothers are usually gifted a diamond solitaire pendant for their first mother’s day. Sometimes first time dads have the baby’s name and birthday engraved on the necklace.
  • Mothers Bracelet. This is a pretty easy gift idea. Many moms are busy and always forgetting to put their rings back on, but bracelets are usually never taken off. So mom will always have it on.