Full-Service Jewelry Store In Minneapolis MN Suburbs

Full-Service Jewelry Store In Minneapolis MN SuburbsJewelry is an adornment almost as old as humanity itself. It can come in many different styles from a statement piece to a more subtle look. Perhaps most important, it can be anything in between those extremes. Johantgen Jewelers have been creating, repairing, and appraising jewelry for well over a century. Since 1896, in fact, we have made ourselves an essential part of our beloved Crystal, Minnesota community.

Custom Jewelry Design

Johantgen Jewelers is a place where you can bring your most creative ideas about a piece of jewelry, and we can help you realize your dream. Some of our customers will bring us a ring or a pendant, given to them by a loved one, and ask us to transform it into something new that captures the essence of the giver. Other customers come to us with an idea that is not yet fully formed, so we work with them to develop the idea before starting on the project of creating something new, expressive, and wonderful.

Minnesota Jewelry Repair

At the other end of the spectrum, Johantgen Jewelers helps our customers maintain valuable pieces of jewelry that have lost some of their luster and/or been damaged by time and the normal activities they engage in over the course of their lives. Whether they bring us a ring that has accumulated dirt in its tiny crevices or a watch in need of a new crystal or one or more moving parts, our staff has the experience and expertise to return that valued piece of jewelry back to near new condition. Our jewelry repair services are on-site, so you do not have to worry about a long delay getting your piece back in your own hands.

Jewelry appraisal is another service that we offer. It is important to know the monetary value of a piece of jewelry. For some people, that knowledge is desired so that they can secure the best return on investment when parting with the jewelry. For others, the thought of selling a piece of jewelry is inconceivable, but knowledge of the jewelry’s monetary value provides the information needed to insure the piece properly and accurately.

Local Jewelry Store In Crystal MN

Johantgen Jewelers has been in business long enough to understand how to help customers enjoy the full value of their jewelry. Enjoying the full value of one’s jewelry is something that can only be defined by the individual. Having been in business for as long as we have, we understand how to make the sparkle that shines on your finger, on your wrist, or around your neck become the sparkle that also shines in your eyes. If you have any questions about jewelry or need a jewelry repair, call us at 763-537-7233.