Trusting Your Jeweler

Trusting Your JewelerIn the world we live in today, the ability to trust anyone is always hard. Skepticism, scams and rip-offs are common terms that have been used to describe a horrible jewelry transaction experience. Making sure you have a trusted jeweler, whether you are buying or selling, is an important aspect of any jewelry transaction. At Johantgen Jewelers, we have been buying and providing quality jewelry to our customers since 1896. As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in being a jeweler you can trust. Known for our good reputation, quality workmanship and high-quality merchandise, we are a place that always makes you feel confident in your choices.

Assessing Diamond Rings

Oval diamond engagement ringsWhen purchasing a diamond engagement ring, it’s easy to get away with the excitement of it all. Afterall, it’s exciting! We absolutely love helping our customers find that perfect ring. While the sparkles and first appearance catch your eyes, we are here to also ensure that you are getting the highest quality ring that is built to last. Diamond engagement rings have many components to them that can easily fluctuate its value. We will first assess the type of gold it may be. Is it 10k, 14k, 18k? Yellow? Gold? Sterling silver? Platinum? Knowing this will help us determine its value.

Oval diamond engagement ringsNext, we will look at the type of ways the ring sets the stones. The way that the stones are set into the mountings for rings makes a large difference in your longevity. Can you imagine getting a beautiful diamond but then it falls loose out of its setting and it’s gone forever? We want all of our customers to have rings that stand up to long term wear.

Then, of course, there’s your diamond. The cut, the clarity, the depth, the weight, etc. All of these things help to determine how much your ring is worth. Whether you are coming in to buy a beautiful ring or perhaps coming in to sell your own, all of these factors are accounted for when determining the value of a diamond engagement ring.

Diamond rings are only one example of our team of professionals at Johantgen Jewelers providing you with quality, unrelenting service. We aim to build trust and relationships with customers that will want to come back to us for years to come. For all of your jewelry needs, our team of experts here at Johantgen Jewelers cannot wait to help you find the right fit for you. For more information about our services here at Johantgen Jewelers, give us a call today at (763) 537-7233.